Managing my company details

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When you signed up for Clear, you entered details about your company.
These included your company name, registration number, VAT number (if you have one), address, postcode, country and a company logo to add to your invoices.
Some of these details will be added automatically to any invoices you create.
You can change these details at any time.
To do this, click on My Clear in the navigation bar.
Select the Company Details tab.


Your company information is then displayed.

You can change any of these details by typing in the boxes.

As well as the details mentioned above, you will see more information if you scroll down.
Note: This is where Clear also keeps a record of how you want customers to pay you (bank transfer and/or cheque) along with your bank name, account name, sort code and to whom cheques should be payable. For changing these details, see Managing my payment instructions.

You can also add or change your company logo (that will appear on your invoices) by browsing to a location on your computer to find a suitable logo.

You can also decide how you would like your invoices to be presented.


Clear helps you to decide how your invoice should be displayed. We realise that some businesses sell goods and others sell services, while some sell a combination of both. We want to make it easy for everyone.

Make your selection from the three options. You can change it back at any time.
Note: This is also described in Choosing an invoice layout that fits your business

Note: If the first of these three options is selected, then the Timesheet feature will not appear in the Clear menu bar. But you can add it again – by selecting the second or third of these three options.

To confirm your changes, click on the button Update my details.

Clear then displays a message to confirm your details were updated.



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