Query a received invoice

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Sometimes small mistakes slip onto invoices – like the wrong items, quantities of date.
Clear makes it easy for you to query an invoice.
There’s no need to email or phone your supplier. You can do everything quickly via Clear.
To query an invoice, first navigate to the Received invoices page.
Select Invoices in the navigation bar.
Your Received invoices are displayed.


To query an invoice, tick the box next to the invoice you want to query.

Next, click on the Query button.




A pop-up box lets you add a comment.


Clear will email this message to your supplier – with instructions on how to respond.


If they respond, Clear will send their message to you in an email.
There is a way for you to see all your correspondence about an invoice.


Locate the invoice and click on the little page icon to the right of the invoice listing.



This will preview (open) the invoice. Now click on the Show History link at the top left of the preview.


All your correspondence about the invoice will appear here. You can add responses here too.



When both parties agree on the best solution, you may wish to either: pay the invoice, pay part of the amount, or dispute/reject/delete the invoice and request a new one from your supplier.
See other pages regarding Received invoices for how to complete any of these actions.



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