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A timesheet is ideal if you bill your customers based on the amount of time you spend working for them.
There’s no need to look back at your paper diary, rely on memory or search for sent emails for a clue to how many hours you put in.


Our Timesheet tool can keep a record of everything … for the entire lifecycle of the job.
Each project has its own timesheet - and sometimes more than one, if the project includes several tasks.
To take a look, select Timesheet in the menu bar.


Note: If the Timesheet option is missing in the Clear menu bar, then you can activate it. See Choosing an invoice layout that fits your business



It’s easy to use the Timesheet tool to create projects, record time spent on any task and invoice for time spent working on any project.


See the other pages in this section for help using the timesheets.

View a timesheet

View time logged on a set date

Log time for today’s date

Log time for a past date

Create a project

Edit a project

Delete a project

Create an invoice from a timesheet

Create a task

Edit a task

Delete a task

Use the timer (coming soon)

Search timesheets

View timesheet by project

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